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Yoga Oasis

About Us

Mission Statement

We are a spiritual and educational community.
Our purpose is working on our own divinity and to help others work on theirs.
We honor and respect all religions and spiritual paths.
We gather to learn, to rejuvenate the spirit, mind and body through practicing proper breathing, nutrition, exercise, relaxation and meditation.

To all our visitors, please be aware that...

We are located in the endangered tropical Hawaiian rainforest.
It is warm, even when it rains.
There are no snakes, leeches, deadly spiders, lime disease, poison oak or poison ivy.
It is filled with birds, wild pigs, mongoose, and feral cats.
This wildlife could not survive without plenty of insects.
It is impossible to keep them out of our homes.
We have 6 ducks who help keep the insect population down.
We use natural mosquito traps as well.
In light of this, if you have extreme phobias of nature (including darkness) just know you are going to transcend into another dimension.
We are lovers of nature who worship her abundance and we wish to share in her munificence...


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