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What guests are saying (and singing) about Yoga Oasis...

Star, I wanted to write and thank you and Carl for letting me step into your little piece of heaven on earth. The whole experience was just incredible. From the warm hospitality that I was shown by everyone there, the food, Bali House and most of all the yoga. You are a wonderful teacher and so wish I could be your student on a regular basis. Even in my short time there I feel I made some real progress. I know the next time you see me,I will have traveled much further down the road of enlightenment in body,mind and soul. I know the warm memories of my stay, and an awful lot of pictures, will sustain me through the upcoming winter. All of you there, should be so proud of the oasis you have truly created. I feel privileged to have drunk from it's waters. If you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods, please give me a call. Please send my deepest gratitude to everyone there, Linda, Amy and Eugene and to mother earth herself. Namaste and Aloha, Eric Richards P.S. Thanks for the tip on Shark's Coffee, I went in and cleaned them out!


Star, I just wanted to tell you and Hayward what an absolutely amazing week we had with you there! What a magical space you have. I feel so blessed to have found you guys and learned so much from the big Island, the yoga (I always learn through teaching), the ocean, the rain, the sun....Thank you for your generosity and opening your yoga oasis home to us! The food was also exactly what we wanted! Home cooked, healthy, and soooo good! It was probably the best food I've had on all my five years of leading yoga retreats! Thank you for all your support and warmth!
Thank you!

Xox, Deb

Hi Star,
I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful time that we had at the Retreat. It was such an incredible, unforgettable experience! I still dream about peaceful atmosphere of your yoga room, the sound of the rain outside, the surreal lava landscape, the turtles in the Champagne pond and all the natural beauty that we have seen during our trip last week. Thank you for all your help, inspiration and warm hospitality. I sure hope to be back one day! Mahalo,
-Inna InnaZ(at)

We are back home now ;--( but wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at Yoga Oasis. I cant imagine us picking a better place with better people. You have something very special happening there and I am glad we could share in it. Our plan is to come back again for a month early next year – so hopefully we will see each other again soon. The nadi instruction in particular was something I really needed and it is helping me still.
Thanks, Mitchell

Hi Hayward...

I never got the chance to say thank you for the two classes I attended one with Laura (from Liverpool) and one with Mojo (from Hedonesia) so Thank You:)

I really enjoyed your style of teaching in such an awesome setting and appreciated the encouragement you gave me during the classes. You identified and pointed out my injuries (caused by racing((well actually crashing not the actual racing)) and now guiding Mountain Bikes in New Zealand) I have become very aware of my loss in mobility in the last few years and have tried yoga at a few different studios but never really felt it was for me. Your style of teaching and class was fulfilling and fun and spiritually in keeping with my own views.

I am on my way to the UK for a summer there and then back to NZ for their summer 08/09. If circumstances and finances pull the correct way I will head back via Hawaii and would love to attend a more indepth series of classes, hopefully for around 1 month. I will watch your web pages for classes around October/November.

Thank you again for your inspirational attitude and teachings.
Your sincerely
Benjamin Rafferty

aloha and big mahalo from deena....
having returned to oahu completely relaxed and happy, i must send out a thank you to you all for making my experience perfect.  you all have to be so happy about the haven which you have created.  its truly wonderful.
its a lovely understated place with a pace of real relaxation.  the yoga room is a heaven haven above the homey headquarters below.
my only concern is:  how long do i have to wait until i can get back there?
thanks to all! 
warmest regards,

Starina (Heather) and Karl (Heath),
Thank you so much for such an incredible time staying with you at your Yoga Oasis on the Island of Healing - what a transformative and transcendent experience it was!!!!!!! I appreciate every moment of every day that we got to spend together - I just loved it! You are both so giving and so loving and it was so wonderful to meet your friends and share the special time together. Words are truly not enough to express the deep experience I had when I was with you. And you were so sweet and generous to let me stay with you in your precious alcove so that I would feel safe and secure - thank you for your generosity of spirit and presence in being with me as I journeyed through the experience of "being there". And Star, your yoga practice is just awesome - I learned so much and you are just incredible with all that you do in your practice - beautiful and so connected at all levels - and so comprehensive - and its so sweet the way you work with everyone individually as well as collectively. And the profounds dreams that visited while I was with you and that I got to share with Karl was another beautiful experience. I know I said this to you before I left, and I wanted to send you a note as well, sharing my thoughts on the beautiful time I had with the two of you and your sweet friends!

Lots and lots of love to both of you. I am with you in the dreamtime in Hawaii. This early morning, about 3am or so, I woke up and was in a state where I thought my place and your place in Hawaii were connected and that I was in both places at the same time... it was a trippy feeling and felt very real at the time... it was my first night home and I really thought, in that dreamlike state, that I was in your house and mine at the same time... maybe I was :) - hmmmmm, mmmmmmmm - very cool....

Lots and lots of love to both of you,


And, I must continue my gratitude... thank you Karl for the turquose Crocs - I love them - and Star, the elixers, yes - my nails are so strong now and I think its due to the elixers - I talked to Jen and Joshua last night and I will be getting elixer ingredients soon... and the raw cacao experience, and the incredible fruit thing that I forget what its called that we shared with Daniel in the kitchen, and on and on and on.... thank you, thank you , thank you............ xoxoxo



Thank you for sharing your amazing retreat with me! I have not felt this relaxed and centered in a long time - I only wish I could have stayed longer. My time with you was definitely transformative - I'm breathing deeper, stretching deeper, and giving thanks for this life every day. Needless to say, I will return to Yoga Oasis as soon as I can, and I will probably bring my husband, sister, and/or dad the next time!


what an incredible find the yoga oasis was. My son and i were there for only one night but it was one of our favorite places we went. Yes i'm back in wisconsin but my son is on the organic farm he manages in honoka'a.  we are lawrence and mary bergner, our stay there  makes me anxious to come back and spend more time at your retreat. We did so much hiking after i was happy to be refreshed in breathing techniques primarily when we decided to summit mona kea on foot. my time on the island won't be forgotten having been on other islands, I'm so happy my son moved there because i may have never explored the idea otherwise. so with thanks and graditude to your staff for our wonderful expierence. please send info on a good tool sight mary bergner  email to

Something occurred in my yoga class (in Portland, Oregon) this morning I
thought might interest you: while doing breathing exercises during class, I
had the feeling I was back in Hawaii doing pranayama with you out on the
lava flows. More than simply a sensation or remembrance, my whole being
felt like it could smell the air, hear the sounds, etc. of being in the open
air of the eastern tip of Hawaii. While I kept my eyes closed and continued
to breath I felt exactly like I did that day. In fact, I have had that
feeling several times and each time it brings a great deal of peace and
comfort into my heart.
Anyway, my next visit to the Oasis will likely be this December. Hope all
is well. Bill Surface -
I just got back to the mainland and wanted to thank you for the beautiful
experience all of you created at the Yoga Oasis. It truly was heaven on least I think it was on earth. I dream of being in the pine
cabin every night.
I can't tell you how much I learned from Hayward. What a wonderful
passionate instructor. He taught me more in three days than I've learned in
10 years! Please tell him hi and thank you. I think of him every time I
breath. Thinking of all of you often. Please say hi to everyone and aloha.
Love and Blessings, Linda -

I had such a great experience at your place.
I'm very happy I met you all. Everything here is great. New England reminds me of Hawaii everything is so lush and green. I hope to see you again soon and that all is bright and beautiful in your lives.
Love ya, Steve Munn -

Yeah!  Thanks...  I really enjoyed the retreat and have been making a smoothie every morning since.  I just wanted to write and effuse some more about what a wonderful time I had during my vacation there – thanks a bunch to your efforts! Thanks so much for coordinating schedules, my cleanse/fast, and all the logistics involved in schlepping us all around. It was so much fun, and I’ve been telling all my friends. Plus, now I’m about 65-70% organic and raw!  I tried reverting and felt terrible.  Eating this way is awesome.
Have a wonderful holiday,
Leslie -

A very big thank you to you and everyone at Yoga Oasis for a truly transformational experience. I had such a good time and have returned with some wonderful memories and plans to make some big changes.
Four planes and 21 hours later I arrived in London at 10pm, Sunday night. It is very grey, cold and polluted here and I am missing the sunshine.
I did 45 minutes of yoga this morning and will do the same or longer tomorrow morning before work.
Please give my best wishes to everyone.
With love, Angela

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my stay at Yoga Oasis. I really feel it impacted my life in a positive way and I've already begun to make changes towards a new way of living. I'm practicing regularly, I have a yoga lift in my bedroom and I've looked into getting certified as a trainer. I've also booked another trip to Hawaii at the end of April and will be touch later regarding my stay YO. Will Dallas be around for surf lessons? Here are pix to enjoy in the meantime.
Thank you for all the love and wisdom you shared with me.
Namaste & Mahalo

Om Namah Sivaya!
Blessed people,
I wanted to express my gratitude for our group's wonderful stay at Yoga Oasis. You guys have been marvelous hosts and I really enjoy the way you have setup the place: being so close to Nature while respecting it fully.
If I hear of any individual yogis or yoga groups thinking of going to Hawaii I will definitely recommend Yoga Oasis to them.Om Shantih,
Swami Atma

Life here in NYC is as hectic as ever, but I am maintaining the bliss I discovered at Yoga Oasis. It's really nice, I think that I brought some of the peace and tranquility home with me. I must admit, I am not blissed out all the time, but I can come back to the relaxed state much more easily than before my vacation.

I have to tell you that I fell head over heels in love with Hawaii!! Thank you for making my first experience there so amazing. I have to tell you that once I got back home, I realized that I could live happily there. It's the first time I could see myself living somewhere else than NYC. I am telling everyone I know about Yoga Oasis!
I was so jet lagged that I did not go on that audition I had on the day I got back to the City and I felt totally okay about it. I really did have a change happen to me while visiting. I just do not have the words to express how wonderful it was, how peaceful. All I can say is thank you so much for your hospitality, professionalism and loving kindness. You guys rock!!!
I don't know if you need anyone to help out next winter, but I would love to come and do a work study in either February or April. Please give my love to everyone and I send Aloha!
Take care, Jeanine

Hello all of you. my voice has collapsed by telling all the good things i experienced with you there on this fabulous island. mahalo mucho again. i am back to be a normal person . thanx to your help. i will be in USA for 10 more days.
i wish all of you the best from the bottom of my heart and i wish very much 2 come back to this little piece of heaven on earth. take care. ALOHA 2 all of u

I just wanted to thank you for creating yoga oasis-as promised the shift occurred and I will be back many times-can't stop dreaming about Hawaii I bought Giant Leap when I hit the mainland and the music has been my constant companion. I love it.

Dear Yoga Oasis,
After a safe return to Vermont, I find that in addition to missing the yoga and the place and the people, I am also missing the ducks! Thanks for a great experience.



I got home without any worries. The food that you prepared for me was nothing short of amazing. Thank you! Please tell Gary that I loved the cake. If he could spare a moment, could you twist his arm into sending me the recipe, please? Twisted gently of course.
Take care of yourselves

Hayward...I am back safe and sound in Los Angeles and quite frequently find myself reflecting on the magical week at your retreat center. Thank you both so much. I feel like it was one of the best weeks of my life. I came back feeling completely rejuvenated, on every level of my being. You have created an environment that is so welcoming and warm. I felt completely safe which allowed for a deeper experience of healing and transformation to occur. I look forward to working together in the future very soon. Have a wonderful holiday season. Blessings to you both.
Say hi to everyone...Ira

I got back in time for my wedding, a little stiff in the neck but made it through the day anyway. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time I had at your Oasis Paradise. I really had a chance to relax and just be... I will be getting my photos back soon, I will send some your way when I get them scanned in. Hope you got the pig problem taken care of. Also, a bid thanks to Chris, Heidi and Shawn, they were terrific!!
Aloha, Michael

Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. Daniel's massage was absolutely AMAZING . . . Please re-thank him for Renee & I. We both look forward to coming back & spending a few days at your beautiful slice of paradise.
All the best, Devik & Renee.

To the staff at Yoga Oasis,
Thank you all for your kindness and warmth that made my stay so enjoyable. To Carl, good luck in making a difference in the world. Thanks, Ed, for being a friend; and for sharing your home, your smile, and your kind heart with me; and to Jasmine for being the most awesome "tour guide" I enjoyed the places that we went and the "in-between" times as well.
And to Hayward, not only thanks, but I thought I would share a bit of the blessing that I got from you. As I drove toward the airport, I thought about the dinner conversation last night and how you mentioned your relationship with your father. You called your father's inability to show you any kind of affection (and you used the word hatred) a "disease" that has been passed on from generation to generation. The fact that you shared, not only your story, but also how you felt, touched me. In a small way, I could understand how you felt; because throughout most of my life, I seldom received positive acknowledgement from my father or maternal grandfather. I saw within you qualities that I rarely see in men how to be caring, openhearted, and emotional honest. It was wonderful to see that in you. It is something that I will take with me and practice in my work as a counselor and in my personal life, as well. I am truly grateful for this blessing as well all the others that I received at Yoga Oasis.
One love,

The wind is howling and sleet is banging against the windows while memories of Hawaii are still lingering.....It took me two days to get home and a visit to the emergency room with a middle ear infection (Real fun while flying!) I just wanted to say Thank You Thank you for everything. I am so impressed with Yoga Oasis; everything is done with love, it is so obvious. I have a feeling I'll be seeing you all again!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Molly

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much fun Kelly and I and the group from International School Bangkok had on our eco-tour. The students couldn't stop talking about the magical moments they experienced during the week. Next week we'll be exhibiting for parents the journals the students wrote and showing a slide show of the photos they took. It was an adventure they won't soon forget! Please say hey to Kalia when you see her and to Hayward and Kathleen and all the rest of the staff there at Yoga Oasis. You are the ones that make Yoga Oasis so special. I hope to make it back to see you all again one of these days.
Kris Hoover
P.S. Hayward has inspired me to Start yoga classes here in Bangkok so
hopefully when I do get back there I won't still be a beginner.

Om, Although I returned to the mainland a few weeks ago I still think about being in Hawaii quite a bit. I really enjoyed my stay at the Yoga Oasis and appreciate the insights into living outside the matrix. I hope I can return this summer and stay for an extended period.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Ted

we did Watsu at the warm ponds with Terry, the woman in the video. Both of us loved our Watsu so much we stayed at the warm ponds two more hours. Then went back later in the day. I felt , when she ended my watsu massage session, that I was a little dolphin pup released into the ocean.
back in Dodge City, Chris (with Hilary)

We want to thank you for being such wonderful hosts during our stay over New Year's. What a way to usher in 2002.
You've created a magical oasis. How wonderful to have been able to return to it after our days of island exploration. Like returning home to friends.
The tentalow was especially unique -our friends are entranced. They all want to come to stay with you. In fact, we hope to return as resident workers. Us New Yorkers are pretty handy when put to the test. Again, we extend our offer to stay with us the next time you are in New York City. (If someone crosses your path from New York in the yoga community who you would especially recommend, maybe you could drop us a line.) We will keep you close to our hearts.
Best wishes. Caroline and Bill.

How are things in paradise? Things are awesome here in sort-of-paradise, San Francisco. I'm doing my herbs, eating awesome, working my tail off. Today, I slipped into pants I haven't been able to wear in 2 years.
I'm also now taking some jarodophilis, and lethicin too. I bought my first tub-o-spirulina and am making the green goddess every morning. I'm eating allot of raw food, and made my first raw pesto sauce a few days ago that I am not only using on salads and such, but also as a general condiment on my sandwiches. I found a few stores here that carry sprouted flour breads and such, so I am eating raw and sprouted too! Last night's concoction was a cuke, shroom, avo and pesto sandwich on sprouted bread.
You've taught me well, Yoda. :)
Warm Regards, Julie

Dear Yoga Oasis, It's been quite some time since I left your precious little paradise on the big island. I have been on the road a lot since, traveled in both Mexico and Europe, and now I'm back in the USA. I treasure the memory of the stay in your retreat center dearly and it's often been a resource enabling me to take a deep breath in moments of stress. Although it's been a long time, I send you thorough the ether of the pacific a lot of gratitude and appreciation.

Uma Uma Falls just north of Hilo

Aloha everyone! I just wanted to send you a big Mahola for the warm stay I enjoyed at the Yoga Oasis. What a rip-roaring, invigorating time. I haven't had such a memorable trip in too long - you all were incredible! I hope all of you are well and happy:) I look forward to the next time our paths will cross.
LOVE to you ALL Courtney

I am working away, (as usual), but thinking often of the beautiful paradise that you have created at OasisYoga.
Om Shanti, Love to all! colleen
Colleen Baldwin
Straticom Planning Associates Inc.
166 King Street East, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1J3
416-362-7407 ext.233

we look forward returning again and staying at your beautiful dream manifested into reality! namaste, anjahni davi - Bay Area, Cakifornia

It was such a treat to spend time with you! You have created an absolutely beautiful place. Next time I hope to be less run down when I visit you. It seems that everything in falling into the right places now here for me workwise. Happy Memorial Day to you, not that it makes much of a difference in paradise what day of the year it is. I really love it. I love the way of life there and really saw what one can do at your place. I look forward to seeing you when you get to Los Angeles in July.
Many hugs from California!

Thomas Wolski, Topanga, CA

I'm craving a fabulous breakfast at the Yoga Oasis.
Mahalo, Sandra - Northern California

You guys make detoxing fun (on how we make wheatgrass smoothies at Yoga Oasis)
Jonathen - Seattle, WA.

Thank you both for your warm wonderful and kind hospitality. Both Odette and I now really miss the Big Island. The food you prepared for our dinner makes all food over here seem like astronaut food. -Appropriate for those of us living on the moon here in LA. Stay in touch and let us know when you will be coming to the continent.

Chris Magee - L.A, California

I just wanted to say "hello" and to thank you again for such a wonderful "mini retreat" with you during my vacation. I think about it often and am transported back to the warmth and peacefulness of your place (not to mention the great food!).

I've been telling lots of people about your "Oasis" - and everyone is very interested!

I have some great pictures from your place, and I'll be sending you the doubles soon...

Sarah - Honolulu, Hawaii.

808.965.8460 or 800.274.4446

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