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Weekend of Agama Yoga

July 27 - 29
Aug 10 - 12
Sept 14 - 16

Cost $125.00
Weekend Introductory Workshop
This course is a step-by-step approach toYoga, in the oral secret tradition of
the schools of India and Tibet. It requires no preparation or previous knowledge. We address your rational mind by providing clear explanation of the mechanisms behind Yoga, and spiritual practice in general. We explore the original Yoga, so that the mysterious richness of this age-old tradition should not be lost.


Lomilomi Workshop with Harry Jim - a Hawaiian native
4 Day Hawaiian Healing Class

Call 716-565-1260 - Sila
808-965-8460 - Star

Traditional Name: Halau Uhane Lomilomi Lapa'au
About the Teacher: Harry Uhane Jim is originally from Kauai. He first became interested in Lomilomi when he was 14 and began training when he was 26. He studied methods of healing for more than 4 years and became certified in body work and licensed to practice. He began training in 1984 and travels to teach workshops and gives private sessions.
About the Workshop: Enter into the realm of lomilomi. The traditional Hawaiian approach to bodywork. It holds the premise that body, mind and spirit participate in it's evolution. The meeting place for this whole self is where healing is. The work creates a temple: a sacred space, a connection space: a safe place for the body's consciousness, the emotional body --ultimately it's the evolutionary body we support.
The opportunity for healing is the convergence of time, space, and will. It is also incidental, coincidental and serendipitously occurring throughout the life of the body. Lomilomi grants a portal to this process while re-attuning your body, discovering greater depth, perception, and physical well being




For Info & Reservations
(800) 274-4446 or (808) 965-8460


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