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Currently, our yoga studio is closed, we are not offering any yoga programs or tours and our cafe is closed
if you have any questions, please call
808-936-7710 or email:

Join our retreats on....
Cellular Rejuvenation for Optimal Health

Health Crisis

Cardio vascular Disease
Heavy Metal Toxicity
Chronic Fatigue
Acid Reflux
Midlife Hormonal

Detox from:

Household Toxins

High Blood Pressure


Weight Loss
Increase Energy
Cellular Oxygenation

Restorative Yoga

Healing Massage

Emotional Release

Deeper Breathing
Postural Alignment

Look Younger
Reverse Aging
Build Confidence
Increase Muscle

Joint Mobility



Private Accommodations

Super Simple Organic Meals and
Juice cleansing
3 or more Raw and Green Juices a day

DAILY: Massage or Spa Treatment or Detox Treatment or Infrared Sauna

Yoga and Meditation Classes
Healing Food Prep Classes



Packages from:

$3,000. per week

Programs may be customized to meet
your individual needs

daily rates also available

(Airfare and car rental not included )

Detoxification Professionals

Our staff of Yoga Instructors, Health Coaches, Massage Therapists, Herbalists, and Nutritionists utilize a program based on Anne Wigmore and the Gerson therapies.

Yoga Practice and Principals

Deep relaxation restores good health and is a important key to maintaining your optimum health. We teach combined techniques of meditation, pranayama (deep breathing), qi gong, and chakra toning along with a daily physical hatha yoga practice.


Join us in a Safe and Supportive Environment.

Fun Fitness Program

We practice cross training - a general yoga fitness program that may include hiking, weights and swimming.

Delicious Food

Food and Nutrition

We use almost all island grown organic fruits and vegetables. Much of our produce is grown here at Yoga Oasis in our orchard.

The fish we eat comes from the ocean just down the road, and we harvest
our eggs from our own free range chickens.

Our meals are mostly vegetarian with some lean protein. Vegan and raw food options are available.

We use organic herbal tonics and tinctures.

We strongly encourage you to limit or eliminate the use of artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, caffeine, (except green tea), and alcohol one week before arrival.

Hawaiian Adventures
(available for additional fees)

- Snorkel at the Tide pools
- Swim at Thermal Warm Springs
- Hike at Creator Lake
- Sauna at the Steam Caves
- Volcanoes National Park

The island of Hawaii is very diverse in all its beauty and offers many natural activities that are exclusive to the island. 

On Hawaii island, we hike through old growth rainforest jungles where we can cool ourselves with a swim in a natural lake formed by a volcanic crater, swimming in the ocean with turtles and other ocean wildlife on our coral reefs, hiking the moonscape trails of Volcanoes National park where we will also explore lava tube caves and hike out to ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs. 

Snorkel, swim, watch surfers in our waters.

We will hike out to see lava feilds that are only 20 years old, visit an old Hawaiian village and local organic farms and farmers markets.

There are also thermal warm ponds and steam caves, heated by the volcano, for relaxing and rejuvenation after all this calorie burning activity. 

Become One with Nature!
Feel Great and...
Become Blissed...

Your Hawaiian Detox Retreat Cost

- We highly recommend a minimum stay of 7 nights.

1 person - per week
$3,000. - Bamboo Room with private bath
$3,150. - Coconut Cabin with private bath
$3,150. - Pine Cabin with private bath
$3,150. - Cedar Cabin with private bath
$3,150. -
Bali House with private kitchen

2 people - per week

$4,495. - Bamboo Room with private bath
Coconut Cabin with private bath
$4,700. - Pine Cabin with private bath
$4,700. - Cedar Cabin with private bath
$4,995. -
Bali House with a private kitchen

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Make Your Reservation Now
or 800-274-4446

Come Join us... You will love it!



akaka Falls

Akaka Falls near Hilo - over 300 feet high




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