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About Us
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Teachers and Staff

Rev. Hayward, B.A. from U.C. at Berkeley, heads the Yoga Oasis yoga program, has been a yogi since 1972. Hayward’s American Indian mother started him on a metaphysical path at an early age. In 1973, he was initiated into Tibetan Buddhism by Karmapa Rimpoche. Hayward is a spiritual counselor, teacher and certified in Thai Massage.His spiritual life has inspired his performances with artists such as: Diana Ross and Whoopi Goldberg. As a mime, he studied under Marcel Marceau and Marceau’s teacher, Etienne Decroux. Performing as a highly trained acrobat and Miami Vice stuntman, Hayward suffered numerous spinal and joint injuries. However, he has been able to rejuvenate his body through the yogic techniques which he teaches. He traveled to France and India where he spent many years studying yoga with several Indian masters in Mysore, India. He was given great reviews in the Yoga Journal (1986) for his inspiring performance art called “Mime-Yoga”. Swami Vishnu Devenanda, founder of the Sivananda Yoga Ashrams, named him, “The World’s Greatest Mime-Yogi”. Hayward has toured, lectured and performed all over the world. See Hayward’s Funny Film Clip Cat Yoga
Star, is program coordinator, a yogini, enjoys herbal studies, and vegetarian cooking. She has created her own line of herbal extracts called StarBright Botanicals. She is a certified herbalist from the American School of Natural Healing and a certified yoga teacher from the Sivananda Center for Yoga.She has studied Tibetan Buddhism in Dharamsala, India. She developed her first herbal formulas to combat traveler’s sickness while traveling around the world as a performance artist. During the 3 seasons on the TV show, “Dinosaurs” (a Jim Henson Production), she was able to use her yoga training to maintain her health and fitness during a stressful and grueling shooting schedule. Together, Hayward & Heather-Star have developed and are currently teaching the art of Double Yoga, Acro-Yoga and Yoga Massage.
Karl has many talents he shares with the community. He leads Chakra Toning circles, practices Lomi – Lomi massage, and helps trouble shoot computer problems. He also makes amazing homemade soaps that we use here at Yoga Oasis.He is a graduate of MIT in Boston and telecommutes with a company he works for in the Silicon Valley, California. In his spare time, he loves to travel to hot springs and ultimate games around the world. Karl is a permanent resident of Yoga Oasis.

Susan is in charge of housekeeping and loves to work in our little green house. This is her 4th winter here at Yoga Oasis. In her spare time she likes to do beautiful detailed beaded earrings. Every morning she makes her daily pilgrimage to the warm ponds. Great way to start the day!
[email protected]      Kalia, a big island resident for 22 years, is our tour guide. She shares her great knowledge of local flora, fauna and folklore as she guides Eco Adventure tour guests to some of the most amazing sites on the island!  Gene is at age 80 years young performing the peacock pose, (Mayurasana). He is on top of Hayward at teh age of 60. He is available for private partner yoga and acro-yoga classes. Private session is $40. He was a professional ice skater and competed and won in sport acrobatics in his 50’s.

Gilbert helped start Yoga Oasis in our 1st year. He travels world wide, playing music and working in promotions. He currently lives in Maui and retursn for visits from time to time..